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This blog is for everyone who wants to come out, everyone who is coming out, everyone who is out and everyone who doesn't want to come out. Here, we can write letters to ourselves, to the people we want to come out to and anyone else about coming out.

June 19, 2013 9:14 am

I tried coming out to my parents once as bi. I did this in a therapist’s office so the hate could be greeted with reason or the door. They told me that I was bi for attention and refused to believe that I am. My whole family is always saying something about gays/bis/lesbians. They’re always making fun of us and making rude comments and joking about us too. My mom always asks me, “Are you over that bi bullshit?” I always have to answer yes, even though I feel terrible for denying who I am. My family made me break up with my girlfriend and refuse to let us communicate anymore. I came out at 16 and I am almost 19. I feel terrible for denying who I am for their acceptance. My friends are all fine with it. They all love me and respect me for who I am. The ones I’ve told, at least. I just wish that they would accept me for who I am and I would be able to stop hiding it.

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  2. allinmymessedupmind said: Since you’re over 18 why not finally actually come out now? It’s not like they can do anything now right?
  3. firefliesthings said: You told them how you are, now they just have to accept it, but don’t deny you anymore and make them realize how you feel when they make fun of us. It will take time. Just keep strong.
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